Corporation Tax

Understanding your tax obligations and preparing taxes can be confusing and complicated. If returns are neglected or filed improperly, penalties and excess payments may be levied.

Police Uniform Tax Rebate

Prison officers must maintain order and daily operations of the facility and are responsible for the care, custody, and control of inmates. A correction officer has a responsibility to control inmates who may be dangerous, and that society themselves do not wish to accommodate.

How To Start A New Business

When you start a company it is important to set it up correctly from the outset. The best place to start the process of registering your business, and to discover all the other things you need to do to comply with the many regulations that govern business.

Independent Financial Advisors

Investors and business owner rely extensively on financial advisors to guide their investment and savings decisions. Independent financial advisors are individuals who work independently for their clients rather than representing an investment, insurance or banking company. According to Cerulli Associates, the independent financial advisor sector is the fastest growing segment in the financial services market.

The requirement for good financial planning support arises from a variety of reasons:

  1. Financial matters are often complex.
  2. There are often many different ways of tackling a financial requirement.
  3. Most financial planning is ‘holistic’ i.e. what you do in one area of financial planning will affect another (this is the ‘hip bone is connected to the thigh bone’ idea).
  4. The costs of many financial products are sometimes unclear and there can be hidden costs.
  5. Making mistakes can be costly, avoiding mistakes is highly beneficial.
  6. Regulation is rife: this means that many financial planning steps are covered by regulatory controls, which in turn means you will have a high level of protection if you enter into a financial transaction or take financial advice through certain channels and in certain areas (but note – not in others).
  7. Many financial decisions are subjective – for example relying on future(unknown) investment returns to support the value of the decisions or steps taken.

The difference between an independent financial advisor and other types of financial assistance is that an independent advisor works for the client, not necessarily for a specific financial firm. Because of this, they have more flexibility in terms of the clients they choose and the specific services they offer their clients. Given that they are not working under the restrictions set forth by some financial firms, they can provide financial advice that is specific to a client’s situation and needs.

In comparison to other financial advisors, those who work independently oftentimes provide their client with more options and a more inclusive, holistic view of various financial outlets. Given that they are not working specifically for a larger company, they are not forced to promote a specific brand or specific tools and services. Depending on what you are looking for from an independent advisor, you will get feedback based upon your goals and objectives, including possible methods to take for the most efficient course to help you reach your goals.

The Benefits of Working with Independent Financial Advisors

There is one subtle area of getting advice from a professional adviser which may not – at first – be apparent. Good financial planning involves a large amount of legwork. This may not be a word that is often touted by financial advisers as a benefit of their work – however it should be!

Legwork is a way of describing the large amount of research, dissemination of information and paperwork that needs to be done and the time that this requires. To get great financial planning results there is a requirement to work with the right information and to keep records and to review matters regularly (which involves keeping up to date with all related matters, many of which change regularly). Your financial planner will do all of this for you.

In terms of the changing landscape and the need to keep on top of matters, a good example, in recent times, is the introduction of AIM listed shares as a permissible investment within an ISA. This changes the options available to investors. A good financial planner can bring this to their client’s attention, highlight whether this is a valuable possibility and analyse the new options.

This is why the term ‘Financial Planning’ may sometimes help describe the process better than ‘Financial Advice’. Yes, much of the work involves providing advice on suitable companies, products, plans, funds, on the risk position, on asset allocation, but, in addition, there will be much of the work which is about hard graft and keeping on top of everything that surrounds the advice provided.

independent advisors help clients come up with a financial game plan that looks at the big picture, no matter how complex their financial needs. While some independent advisors concentrate on specific investment strategies, others can assist with comprehensive services, offering a high level of expertise on financial planning, estate planning, complicated tax situations, charitable giving, intergenerational wealth transfer, and more.